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Garberiel Brand Story

Garberiel Vision
At Garberiel, we take pride in being a professional outdoor gear manufacturer for flashlights, headlamps, laser pointers, batteries and the like. Whether you're looking for quality, durable and practical flashlights, headlamps or any other professional outdoor gear, we’ve got the best selection at the best prices.

Where We Begin
We founded Garberiel in 2009 based on a simple idea - Never Get Caught in the Dark. The founder Ellie, who once lived in a poor village when she was young, had had to go through a winding and bumpy path with a flashlight to get home from school where foxes or something horrible would appear, scaring her out of wits. At that very moments, her mother’s wisdom always encouraged her that the light will lead us home, dispersing the dark surrounding us! Even raising two boys alone with a hard life now, she has never been beaten down and lost her faith.

Outdoor adventure after darkness will result in many accidents, and light will effectively keep you from those dangers. We also believe light is as important as hope acting in a despairing situation when you are surrounded by darkness in any condition. That’s why Ellie founded Garberiel: to provide the world with professional lighting products including flashlights and headlamps that exceed the industry standards in performance, quality, user-safety and value, people in need, at such outdoor activities as camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, will get help from light or even saved by light.
Over the last fourteen years, we've been growing our business, and earning loyal customers not just in Canton - but all throughout the nation. Our business has continued to grow with a plan to go global, and expanding production lines with no “middle man” for high-profit margins has allowed us to keep our prices low.

Our Mission
The mission of Garberiel is simple - we take the interests of our customers as our top priority. That’s why we offer customer-friendly policies like free shipping on every order over $20, easy returns if you don't like your orders, and around-the-clock customer service.
We always want you to be 100% satisfied - and when you shop with us, your experience should always be fun, fast, and easy.

We think it’s important for your orders to ship fast, too - which is why we work with top parcel delivery services to make sure you always get your order ASAP.
If we can provide our customers with a shopping experience that’s fun, fast, and easy, we’ve done our jobs. Come and take a look at our catalog of products now, start shopping, and see why we’re one of the top choices for outdoor gear!

Our Commitment to Our Customers
All products produced in Garberiel’s factories undergo rigorous quality control inspections conducted by independent 3rd party inspectors at multiple points during the manufacturing process. With a target for 100% customer satisfaction, quality is also demonstrated in actual use either in extreme weather conditions, or in everyday life in case of an emergency.

Got More Questions?
We’re always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Just call us here: +1 626-620-9908. Or click “Message Us” to instantly get to speak with our professional staff. NO ROBOTS.

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